Technical Requirements

  • Install PHP 7.3 or higher and these PHP extensions (which are installed and enabled by default in most PHP 7 installations): Ctype, iconv, JSON, PCRE, Session, SimpleXML, and Tokenizer;
  • Install Composer, which is used to install PHP packages.
  • Install NodeJS 12 or higher, Yarn and Webpack
  • A created database (MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite)
  • build-essential to run make

Setting up the skeleton

Depending of you environment, PHP and composer could be located in specific paths.
Defines theme with environment vars:

export PHP=/path/to/php
export COMPOSER=/path/to/composer

Create your project:

composer create-project murph/murph-skeleton my_project -s dev

An error occured because of the unconfigured database.

  • Copy .env into .env.local
  • Edit .env.local (documentation)
  • Run php bin/doctrine-migrate (or make doctrine-migrate)

And finally, build assets with make asset.

Create an admin user

Run php bin/console murph:user:create and answer questions.

Configure a web server

Read the documentation of Symfony to configure a web server.

In case of a local server, you can use the Symfony Local Web Server.
Then go to